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Air Conditioning Refresh

The air conditioning system within your car is designed to provide you with a pleasant driving environment all year round.

During the chilly winter months, your air conditioning system may be used less frequently; therefore bacteria can develop and cause musty odours or fogging of the windscreen when in use. This is a clear sign your air conditioning system needs some love and attention.

The good news is that we can return your air conditioning system back to perfect health, ensuring you breathe clean cool air on hot summer days.

Price Includes Anti-Bacterial Air Conditioning Treatment

Breathe Fresher, Cleaner Air

For Just £29.99

Book Your Car in for a Air Con Refresh Today!

Due to the natural leakage of the air conditioning gas, you should consider having your air conditioning serviced at least every 2 years to ensure the unit is operating correctly and efficiently.

By having your car air conditioning serviced, you not only protect your health by getting rid of unhealthy bacteria that lives in the system, but you also benefit from much cooler air conditioning. You could save yourself a costly air conditioning repair later on.

If your car air conditioning system is no longer working, our technicians can repair it, and can also make sure that you have enough air conditioning refrigeration gas in the system.

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