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History of Lancashire Ford


Following their de-mobilisation from the army after World War Two Cyril Smith and Frank Landers pooled their resources of £200.00 and a motorcycle and rented a barn on Hayfield Road, Ormskirk. In 1947 they opened the rather grandly named Smith and Landers (Engineers) Ltd to repair and sell motor vehicles.

Just a year later they took on a bright lad of fifteen as an apprentice for £1 and 6 shillings and company bicycle. The young Alec Maher thought at the time that he would be joining the Post Office Engineering Division after his 16th birthday and so probably would have been sceptical to be told that he would still be coming in to work after his 75th!


The enterprise boomed and attracted new investors Mr Tom Heyes and Mr Kirkham, who financed the upgrading of the barn as the fledgling garage became Ford dealers in the early 1950's. Meanwhile young Alec had seen the potential of the motor trade and, having decided to stay on at the garage, had worked his way up to be Mr Landers' assistant, meeting his future wife Mildred Heyes, Tom's daughter, in the process.


National Service came and Alec had to go and do his duty, returning years later to find that both founder members had left the company in a terrible state. Seeing the potential he took charge and turned the company around. Over the coming years Alec secured the company's future by buying the original barn and adding land as it became available.

A new showroom was added in the sixties and new workshops were built in the early seventies, followed by a fully equipped paint and body repair facility and even more showroom space in the late seventies.

1990’s - 2000’s

In the early nineties Alec's son David joined the firm taking over as managing director in 1998. It is David who has overseen the latest major transformation into Lancashire Ford in 2007.